School COVID-19 Resources

MI Safe Schools Roadmap (this is the State of Michigan guidance)

Michigan Executive Order 142-20 Provision of preK-12 education for 2020-21 school year (State of Michigan)


These materials are provided to schools within Barry and Eaton County to assist in school district planning and response for COVID-19.  Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, these materials are subject to change at any time.

COVID-19 Return To School Toolkit BEDHD 8-27-20 PDF Version with All Appendices

School Contact Tracing Form

Update 8/7/20: We corrected the handout called "How to handle symptoms and household exposures for students".

Update 8/21/20: We updated the sample staff screening protocol to allow those who receive a negative COVID test to return to work.

Update 8/27/20: We updated Appendix F to require the county of residence for the contacts to better streamline the contact tracing process.

The toolkit is also available as separate files:

           COVID-19 Return to School Toolkit BEDHD 8-21-20 WORD (change on p. 8 to the staff screening)

           Appendix A: Example COVID Screening Tool for Staff BEDHD 8-21-20 WORD PDF (change to staff screening)

           Appendix B: COVID-19 Student Health Screening and Acknowledgement BEDHD 7-31-2020 WORD PDF

           Appendix C: BEDHD School Handout Set, Updated 8-7-20 PDF 

                 Spanish Version (developed by Allegan County Health Department)

           Appendix D: CDC Materials for Schools PDF

           Appendix E: COVID-19 POSITIVE Reporting Form BEDHD 7-31-20 WORD PDF

           Appendix F: Contact Tracing Worksheet BEDHD 8-27-20 WORD PDF

           Appendix G: COVID Notification Sample Letter BEDHD 7-31-20 WORD PDF


We conducted a presentation for school officials on 7-23-20, but several processes and information has changed.  Please refer to the toolkit for the most up-to-date information.  However, we are providing the PDF as a courtesy.


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