Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is the disease caused by a new coronavirus which can cause serious illness and death. There are currently outbreaks of COVID-19 in many communities worldwide, including in the United States, and in Michigan.


Test positive or a close contact? Don't wait, follow these instructions right away.

As of 5/11/2021, BEDHD will follow a 10 day quarantine period for COVID-19 close contacts in our district.  Individuals who develop symptoms should not leave quarantine except to promptly seek COVID-19 testing. Please be patient as we work on updating our current materials available on our site.

Providers please call 517-541-2641 with questions. Provider Reporting Form for Rapid COVID-19 Test Results

Barry-Eaton District Data: 

Date: 8/03/2021

Positive Cases

Probable Cases

Recovered Cases

Active Cases

Deaths (+)

In Quarantine

Eaton County







Barry County












NOTE: We update case data weekly on Tuesday.  For case counts throughout the week and over the weekend, you can visit the State of Michigan's data website

* Probable cases include individuals who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and an epidemiologic link to a confirmed case or a positive serology (antibody) test, but do not have a positive diagnostic laboratory test for COVID-19, and individuals with a positive serology (antibody) test for COVID-19 and an epidemiologic link to a confirmed case. BEDHD is reporting probable cases identified after April 5, 2020 to be consistent with the State. Data will be reflective of midday on the date listed. Data should be considered preliminary, and is subject to change based on case investigation. 

BEDHD's definition of recovered cases = persons with COVID-19 who are alive, and who have been released from isolation because their symptoms have improved, are fever-free, and sufficient time has passed since symptoms began.  

CDC's COVID-19 Data Tracker website. This displays the current risk level according to the CDC criteria.

Link to the State of Michigan's Coronavirus Data  This dashboard displays COVID-19 data for each of the Michigan Economic Recovery Council's regions as well as at the county level, in terms of the epidemic spread in that area, and public health capacity.  It helps us understand the risk levels (from high to low risk) in each region. 


Please visit the State of Michigan's COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard, which includes data by county and health department district.

Vaccination Report for Barry County (Data as of 7/30/21)

Vaccination Report for Eaton County (Data as of 7/30/21)

Weekly Data Reports

BEDHD publishes detailed data reports each week with charts displaying data on case numbers, rates over time, age, gender, and race disparities. Barry County reports are published on Mondays and Eaton County reports published on Tuesdays.  

Eaton County Data Report (7/27/21)

Barry County Data Report (7/27/21)

K-12 School Data Reports (6/2/21)

Analysis of School COVID-19 Cases and Close Contacts from Schools (5/11/21)

Individuals and Families

Concerned that you may have COVID-19?

First, Find a testing site that meets your needs, and then read How Contact Tracing Works and Guidance For After You've Been Tested For COVID-19. Learn the basics on  Social Distancing, Self-Monitoring, Quarantine and Isolation Information, and we answer your questions about Medicaid and COVID-19- What's Covered.

How information will be used when you are contacted can be viewed here.

Protecting your Family and Community:

Familiarize yourself with new MDHHS Epidemic Orders as they are announced. Know what to do when you are Returning From Travel Guide. Our flyer COVID-19: Reduce Your Risk Flyer helps explain which situations are more or less risky.  Some helpful tips on CDC Guidance for Wearing and Removing Cloth Masks and how to safely enjoy Outdoor Recreation and Social Distancing. Understand the timelines of quarantine and isolation with these scenarios. If you have been vaccinated, please check out these guidelines for information on how to continue to protect yourself and others. 

A memo regarding CDC's withdrawal of their RT-PCR EUA can be found here.

Helping your family cope during the pandemic:

If you need mental health help, visit During this unprecedented time, here are some helpful ideas about Talking to Children about COVID-19, and check out the Tri-County Wellness Checklist. WIC families should read this COVID-19 and WIC Families handout. For safe things to do during the month of December, download our Activities Calendar.


There are many different kinds of complaints; and they may need to be reported to different agencies for enforcement. Where to direct your complaint You may also contact your local law enforcement agency at their non-emergency number. For complaints regarding restaurants, please e-mail or call Environmental Health at (517) 543-2430 or (269) 945-9516. For complaints regarding workplaces, contact MIOSHA at 1-855-SAFE-C19.

COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling

Schedule you or your child's COVID-19 vaccination appointment
COVID-19 Summer Camp Guidance

BEDHD Guidance for camps operating during COVID-19

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