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For information on hepatitis A vaccination, visit the Hepatitis A Outbreak webpage.

About Immunizations

Immunization (also called vaccination) is one of the best ways that people can protect themselves from certain harmful diseases. Many diseases that can be prevented by immunization can be very serious. These diseases can require hospitalization and can even be deadly—especially in infants and young children.

Immunization Education for Health Care Providers

BEDHD works with health care providers to ensure they have up-to-date immunization information. Providers can find vaccine specific education materials, vaccine schedules, and continuing education opportunities on BEDHDs website. 

Health care providers looking for more information on immunizations should visit the Provider Education Page.

Immunizations at BEDHD

BEDHD’s Immunization Clinic offers vaccines for children and adults based upon recommendations of the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP).

For children, all vaccines that are recommended from birth through 18 years of age are available.

For adults, measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR); varicella (chicken pox); tetanus; whooping cough; shingles; HPV; pneumococcal; hepatitis A; and hepatitis B vaccines are available.

Tuberculosis (TB) skin tests are also available.


Please call for an appointment and bring immunization records, and insurance card.

Eaton County: (517) 541-2630

Barry County: (269) 945-9516

Payment and Insurance

Vaccines for Children Program

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program provides vaccines to children ages 0–18 years who do not have health insurance, are currently on Medicaid, are American Indian or Alaska Native, or who are under-insured. A small administration fee may be charged for each VFC vaccination received.

Commercial Insurance

If you have commercial insurance, you will be expected to know the following:

  • Are immunizations covered under your plan?
  • Is BEDHD in your network?
  • Do you have a deductible?

BEDHD will be happy to bill all accepted insurance plans, but any remaining balance that your insurance company does not cover, including unmet deductibles, will be your responsibility. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

More Information

Flu Vaccine Finder and Seasonal Flu Activity


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