Healthy Food Establishment Tool Box

The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified five main risk factors that contribute to foodborne illnesses.  These risk factors include: 

  1. Improper hot and cold holding
  2. Improper cooking temperatures
  3. Poor employee health and hygiene
  4. Food from unsafe sources
  5. Contaminated utensils and equipment.

A printable employee health and hygiene assessment tool for food establishments can be accessed here. The purpose of this assessment tool is to identify any vulnerabilities (risk factor indicators) associated with poor employee health or hygiene, and to offer guidance on what can be done to reduce the risk of a foodborne illness associated with poor employee health and hygiene. 

Additional Resources

CDC food safety education

Courses and educational materials on food safety (State Food Safety)

Courses and educational materials on food safety (Michigan Food Safety)

Employee Illness Interview Form

Employee illness guidelines poster

Employee Illness Reporting Agreement

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Food and facility hygiene monitoring logs (Adapted from Contra Costa Environmental Health)

Temperature Log Sheets

Food safety education

MDARD food safety information for industry

Norovirus education

EPA listing of disinfectants approved for Norovirus

COVID-19 Guidance for Food Establishments

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