School COVID-19 Resources


These materials are provided to schools within Barry and Eaton County to assist in school district planning and response for COVID-19.  Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, these materials are subject to change at any time.


Guidance for K-12 Families

School Seating Versus Quarantine Distance Guidance

School Contact Tracing Form

COVID-19 K-12 Student Exposure Quarantine Scenarios

K-12 Staff and Student Quarantine Flowchart

View BEDHD's COVID-19 Emergency Epidemic Orders: (Rescinded 9/30)

SCHOOL TOOLKIT (updated 8/17/21)

The full toolkit can be downloaded here. The separate appendices are available individually below:

Appendix A: Example COVID-19 Screening Tool for Staff

Appendix B:COVID-19 Student Health Screening and Acknowledgement

Appendix C: COVID-19 Positive Reporting Form 

Appendix D: Parent Notification Letter 

Appendix E: COVID Notification Sample Letter 

Appendix F: BEDHD School Contact Tracing Form


MDHHS School Guidance

MDHHS Recommendations for Safer School Operations

School COVID-19 Reporting Epidemic Order

CDC Guidance for School Settings

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