School COVID-19 Resources

MI Safe Schools Roadmap (this is the State of Michigan guidance)

Michigan Executive Order 142-20 Provision of preK-12 education for 2020-21 school year (State of Michigan)

CDC Guidance for School Settings


These materials are provided to schools within Barry and Eaton County to assist in school district planning and response for COVID-19.  Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, these materials are subject to change at any time.

School seating versus quarantine distance guidance

School Contact Tracing Form

School Toolkit

Update 8/7/20: We corrected the handout called "How to handle symptoms and household exposures for students".

Update 8/21/20: We updated the sample staff screening protocol to allow those who receive a negative COVID test to return to work.

Update 8/27/20: We updated Appendix F to require the county of residence for the contacts to better streamline the contact tracing process.

The toolkit is also available as separate files:

           COVID-19 Return to School Toolkit BEDHD 8-21-20 WORD (change on p. 8 to the staff screening)

           Appendix A: Example COVID Screening Tool for Staff BEDHD 8-21-20 WORD PDF (change to staff screening)

           Appendix B: COVID-19 Student Health Screening and Acknowledgement BEDHD 7-31-2020 WORD PDF

           Appendix C: BEDHD School Handout Set, Updated 8-7-20 PDF 

                 Spanish Version (developed by Allegan County Health Department)

           Appendix D: CDC Materials for Schools PDF

           Appendix E: COVID-19 POSITIVE Reporting Form BEDHD 7-31-20 WORD PDF

           Appendix F: Contact Tracing Worksheet BEDHD 8-27-20 WORD PDF

           Appendix G: COVID Notification Sample Letter BEDHD 7-31-20 WORD PDF


We conducted a presentation for school officials on 7-23-20, but several processes and information has changed.  Please refer to the toolkit for the most up-to-date information.  However, we are providing the PDF as a courtesy.


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