As a local health department, we’re entrusted with promoting programs, policies and activities that improve the health of the communities we serve. Learn more about the main community health services we offer. 


environmental health

We perform regular inspections to ensure public establishments are meeting public health codes. We also work with homeowners to ensure that on-site well and sewage systems are safe and healthy. Our work also includes educating community members on common environmental health issues and providing resources to protect families from potential threats. 

Emergency Preparedness

Part of our responsibility is to collaborate with local, regional, and state partners to ensure an effective and efficient response to all public health emergencies. We also promote community preparedness and community participation in preparing and responding to emergencies.
Communicable Disease Control

Our staff offers services to find, prevent, and control the spread of communicable disease including sexually transmitted infections. One of the most effective ways we stop the spread of disease is to provide education to school systems, health care providers, and the general public.
Health promotion

Promoting and monitoring community health is one of our goals. We collaborate with local organizations, track and publish health statistics, provide assessments, and recommend new efforts to improve overall public health.

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