Proposals are requested (due by Dec. 14, 2017) for the services of a qualified, CERTIFIED laboratory to perform water analyses of raw and drinking water for the Environmental Health Division of BEDHD. It is intended that one primary laboratory be selected for water analyses as required by the BEDHD. However, two or more laboratories may be selected and the total amount of work as indicated in this proposal, may be divided. The actual amount of work assigned will be dependent upon the capacity of the selected lab(s) to perform all of the required tests in a timely manner. As for the amount of work assigned on a daily basis, BEDHD does not give a guaranteed minimum amount.

While prices must be competitive, laboratories must be able to demonstrate a high level of performance with minimal supervision and contract management by BEDHD staff. In regards to timely, comprehensive, and accurate reports and invoicing, service and technical standards will carry more importance than price.

For more information or a copy of the full Request for Proposals, contact Regina Young (

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