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When can I get vaccinated?

BEDHD is vaccinating people any interested individuals ages 18 and older at this time. Please use this link to schedule your vaccine! (Updated 4/12/2021) 

16 AND 17 YEAR OLDS: For those with children aged 16 or 17, we are planning to hold Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine clinics in mid-to-late April.  Please fill out this form for your child with your contact information and we will contact you when we are able to schedule them.  We will be prioritizing 16 and 17 year olds with disabilities or health conditions first in accordance with MDHHS guidance.

We will be adding new vaccination appointments every Friday afternoon when we learn how much vaccine we will have for the week. At that time we will send an e-mail to eligible individuals. Questions?  View our FAQ.

This form is for individuals to indicate their interest in COVID-19 vaccination.  It determines the phase/priority group and collects contact information.  If you qualify to receive a COVID-19 vaccination at this time, it will provide you with information to schedule an appointment -- if one is available.  We will also save your contact information and send you notifications by e-mail when new appointments are added. Appointments fill up extremely quickly -- often within the first hour after the e-mail goes out. Persons who do not yet qualify will be notified using the contact information they provide when vaccination for their group begins. 

NOTE:  We are using Constant Contact to send out e-mail notifications about appointment availability due to the size of our contact lists.  People who use Gmail often find the e-mail lands in their promotions folder.  You can add "" to your contacts to increase the chances of it landing in your main folder. This is also a good strategy for people who are finding our e-mails in their spam or junk mail folders.  

When can I get my staff vaccinated?

At this time, our recommendation is that employers advise their staff to each fill out the individual interest form, as we are not able to accommodate employer-specific scheduling at this time. Here is a flyer you can use to send to your staff.

Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Interest Form (FOR EMPLOYERS)

This form is for employers to indicate their interest in offering COVID-19 vaccinations to their employees.

Questions for BEDHD regarding the vaccine can be emailed here.

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet 

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet


For healthcare workers (and healthcare workplaces that are not part of a hospital system, please fill out the form above.  We are currently vaccinating people who meet the criteria for Priority 1A, which includes healthcare workers.  Please fill out the form above to be notified when appointments are available.


Certain essential workers will be able to be vaccinated in Priority 1B.  We will be following MDHHS guidance on eligibility for this group.  Please fill out the form above to be notified when appointments are available for this group.


Long-term care facilities are scheduling vaccinations directly with federal contractors for this service, either CVS or Walgreens.  Residents and staff should ask facility management about their vaccination plans.


Vaccination clinics for additional priority groups and at-risk populations, as well as vaccinations through other providers will begin at a later date when vaccine availability has increased. 

How can I volunteer to help?

Our communities are absolutely amazing! Within the first month of starting our COVID-19 mass vaccination clinics, we have had over 700 people contact us interested in volunteering. At this point in time, we are set on volunteers, however, we will be in need of additional volunteers over the coming months. If you are interested in volunteering at our vaccination clinics in Barry and Eaton counties, and are a medical professional (nurse, doctor, EMS, etc.), please complete this survey. If you are not a medical professional and would like to volunteer, please complete this survey. We will reach out to you directly with more information as more volunteers are needed and if your availability and information fit our needs. We greatly appreciate your patience and willingness to help us protect our communities!

What is the overall plan for Barry and Eaton Counties?

BEDHD Vaccination Distribution Plan (Updated 12/30/2020)

Links to State of Michigan information:

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