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Admission Criteria

Adult and adolescent clients who meet the DSM  (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) criteria for substance abuse or dependence are eligible for admission to the outpatient and/or intensive outpatient services. The program prohibits discrimination based on race, ethnic background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or age. The American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM) criteria is used to determine placement in the level of care. The sliding fee scale of Mid-State Health Network (MSHN) is used to determine fees based on the ability to pay. The program is also a provider for most insurance plans and participates on a number of managed care provider panels.

All levels of care at Eaton Behavioral Health are designed to allow for the client to experience an individualized treatment program. Each level has a variable length of stay; and clients may participate in several levels of care based on their needs. An episode of treatment may consist of sequential participation in several levels of care, or concurrent participation in several levels of care. For example, the client may participate in a group that meets twice weekly initially, and decrease their involvement to a group that meets once weekly as they progress with recovery; or a client may receive only individual or family sessions. Individual sessions are scheduled concurrently with group sessions when a client is involved in a group component.

Clients who meet ASAM criteria Level I, (Outpatient Services), are eligible for admission to individual and family sessions, and group sessions. Clients who meet ASAM criteria Level II.I, (Intensive Outpatient Services), are eligible for admission to the intensive outpatient program. The counselor and the client review the findings from the intake assessment to determine what outpatient services may be most beneficial and to schedule a time for the client to start services. Clients who meet the ASAM criteria for residential services or inpatient services are referred to corresponding level of care prior to scheduling a time to start outpatient services. An outpatient admission can be arranged as follow-up care to the residential or inpatient services.